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About us

After training as a toolmaker and shifting to quality management, Mr. Uibel passed through various stations within DODUCO GmbH. From quality testing to quality engineering and quality assurance of purchased products to the head of quality management, Mr. Uibel was able to gain extensive experience in quality and production engineering across the entire production range of DODUCO GmbH..

Mr. Uibel was able to use this extensive experience successfully in technical sales after joining the technical sales department of Schempp + Decker Präzisionsteile und Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG. After only three years, he took over responsibility for the entire sales department. In 2000, Mr. Uibel and three of his colleagues acquired Schempp + Decker Präzisionsteile und Oberflächentechnik as part of a management buyout.


As the responsible managing director, Mr. Uibel was responsible for sales & marketing. In 2004, Mr. Uibel saw the opportunity to expand Schempp + Decker's product portfolio by acquiring the ERNI press-fit zone under a technical know-how agreement. Initial orders with renowned first-tier companies were already acquired in the following year. After the sale of the company in 2010, the company was incorporated into the Diehl Group and continued as Diehl Metal Applications GmbH. When Mr. Uibel left Diehl Metal Applications GmbH in 2017, approximately 3 billion parts per year were produced in the company.

Important considerations here were the establishment of a product management process of press-fit technology including the press-fit zone laboratory, the establishment of know-how across the entire company, investments in production, a test laboratory and QA. Additional important components of successful marketing include the development of a company's own brand name, the acquisition of new press-fit zones, the establishment of a product family of press-fit zones to cover as many customer requirements as possible.

Since 2017, Uibel Consulting has been a member of the IPC and has been actively involved in the creation of the IPC 9797 Press-Fit Standard for Automotive Requirements and Other High-Reliability Applications. This is being followed by the creation of a relevant manual for the new IPC 9797 standard.


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