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January 2023

How are press-fit zones produced and further processing carried out for automotive applications?


Uibel Consulting has created a film on this matter.  We would be pleased to show you the complete version in a direct meeting.


You can also buy the film modified to your requirements (own press-in zone, own logo, etc.) by our partner Prinzip3D  


Whisker testing


One of the most exciting questions in press-fit technology is how to check for press-fit whiskers. Anyone who has

been involved with this, knows the difficulties of detecting press-fit whiskers.

More and more virtual reality solutions are being used in the industry. Uibel Consulting has developed an app for the

virtual reality Ocuus Quest 2 for a better visualization of the topic "whisker inspection".


We would be happy to show you the complete possibilities of the app in a direct meeting. 

January 2023


we participate again 

December 2022


It arrived just in time for Christmas. Our new Spring Force Measurement Tool according to IPC 9797

is now available and waiting for its first job







August 2022

It's done. In addition to the IPC-9797 Press-Fit Standard for Automotive Requirements and Other High-Reliability Applications,
we were proud to complete the IPC HDBK 9798 handbook in mid-2022.


Uibel Consulting was part of the working group. It was a lot of fun to be involved in the development of the handbook.
The result is a guideline for important topics around Press-Fit Technology.



Junly 2021


We are investing further in our capabilities to evaluate press-fit zones and

press-fit connections.

For this, we invested in another objective for our Keyence digital microscope

with a long working distance and a magnification of 50 to 500x.


This gives us the possibility, especially for whisker testing, to evaluate the

samples from all directions.









We were able to acquire another "high-tech" device months ago and have been working hard on it until today to get it functional.
A pinball machine was built in 1970, unfortunately without press-fit technology.

But we can play exciting matches on it in the meantime.




















March 2021

It's done. The virtual whisker testing with 3D Virtual Reality has been completed. We would be happy to show you the possibilities personally. Just give us a call or send an email. It's amazing.









​​Januar 2021

An idea slowly becomes reality. With the help of an brilliant marketing studio and an 3D Virtual - Reality Headset Uibel Consulting go in search of Tin Whiskers. The virtual whisker test was born. The first step are yery hopeful. We will report more on this.










November 2020


The 3D measurements of embossing dies for press-fit zones were expected to be the major challenge. Yet, with the help of Alicona, we were able to achieve solid results in this area as well. It turned out that the high-gloss surfaces of the dies did not make the definition of the setting parameters any easier. Yet, we managed.








November 2020

The first 3D measurements on active elements for stamping dies for the production of embossed press-fit zones (Bosch EE) were successfully carried out with our 3D scanner made by Alicona. In doing so, different manufacturing methods of the embossing stamps were compared with each other. In addition, the volume models created in this process can be compared with the CAD models with our customers. The next challenge is evaluating embossing dies for press-fit zones. We are looking forward to it.



August 2020


The first real 3D measurements of press-fit zones with our ALICONA INFINITI FOCUS 4G are coming up. Not entirely easy to solve, but the Alicona team is at your side to help you solve the measurement tasks. The results are impressive.











Stempel 1.jpeg
EE08 Bild 6A.png
elopin 2A.png
Screenshot (2478).png
Screenshot (2477).png
Screenshot (2480).png
3D Seite 1.png
3D Seite 2.png
3D Seite 4.png
3D seite 5.png
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